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9V operation

Have just ordered my kit, but, have read about powering it with 9V, insead of 12V.
My question is, does the filter draw little enough power, to make this practical? Don't want to be changing batteries every few hours of use.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and 73,

Bill, k6mgo

The People of Lobstercon 2008

We'll be posting plenty of pix from Lobstercon 2008 in Brunswick, ME. Look in the NEQRP Gallery. Go to the Lobstercon Folder, then explore the subfolders off of Lobstercon 2008. Many pix will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

Practical operation of NEScaf

G'day guys. I have just completed building my Nescaf and I must say, it's a great piece of gear for any qrp shack. Mine worked first time and I have made good use of it already in stormy weather here in the sub tropics. I would like to hear from experienced users what the best way to use the filter is. I find I am flat strapped just copying fast code without having to work out which knob to twiddle half way through a qso. What have you found works best? Where should the knobs be set to start off once the filter is switched in? Which pot is best to tune in first? Any ideas that could help would be most appreciated.

Howdy from Florida

Just signed in as a new member and wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm about to retire and will be moving back to Mass in Nov when my wife retires. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, to move back, but with 50+ family members all in the Athol area, we decided it's cheaper to move up there than to bring them down here for visits!
For the past 6 years, I've been working 2 meters as a tech, but am learning CW and assembling a small low-power station. I'm looking forward to getting back to N.E. and getting involved with the NEQRP Club. I'll be listening in on the Thursday 80 m net and if I get brave enough I might sign in.....or maybe not!

KC7FYS Liquorice Altoids Build May '08

I moved it from a larger box, and stripped it down to the basics. It seems to work OK on 9V, even down to 8V, for the most part. Knobs aren't too snazzy, but what the hey. More photos at

Tutorial on Kit Building for beginners, features the WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

I decided that as I put together the WM-2 QRP Wattmeter Kit from Oak Hills Research, it might be fun to photo-document the entire process ... so I did, step-by-step.
Anyone who has never built a kit will find this of interest, as will anyone who is considering this QRP Wattmeter kit. You will see the process described in about 10 large, clear photos on my website. Go to:

and click on "The Joy of Kit Building"


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